FESTIVAL of QUILTS 2023 & Gallery

The 2023 Festival of Quilts show is now over and what a great success it was!  Thankyou for attending the show!! Thankyou to ALL the volunteers who made it all possible!  Thankyou to those who submitted quilts for public viewing!  Thankyou to the merchants for bringing your beautiful shops to the Merchant Mall!

Here is a list of the Viewer’s Choice Winners in ALL of the categories:

Art Quilt Name Quilt Name
1st Effie Brandt I Still Miss Someone
2nd Bev MacTavish Octopus Sea Garden
3rd Effie Brandt Hope
Wall Quilt
1st Tweela Houtekamer Baltimore Christmas
2nd Bev MacTavish Stars
3rd Sharon Selwyn Dog Park
Bed Quilt
1st Marion Jankunis Prairie Meadow
2nd Dianne George Prairie Sun
3rd Michele ZoBell Beauty in All Things
Hand Work
1st Pat Panchmatia Fancy Flowers
2nd Judy Barnett Chicks with Class
3rd Darlene Patterson Heritage Medallion
Modern Quilt
1st Michele ZoBell The Marshall
2nd Amethyst Mueller Lion of Judah
3rd Kathy Witdouck Road to Pasadena
Bags and Wearables
1st Judy Barnett Spring Tote
2nd Tied Bev MacTavish Jazzy Jacket
2nd Tied Laraine Butt Quilted Hovea Coat
3rd Violet Knox Bag
1st Maria Craft Tuffet
2nd Catherine Kennedy Serenity
3rd Wendy Bushell Twisted Log CabinPoinsettia
1st Wendy Benoit Double Wedding Ring
2nd BJ Squarek Christmas Village
3rd Wendy Benoit On the Farm
1st Trudy Walker Down Memory Lane
2nd Deb Cartwright Dancing Ribbons
3rd Judy Barnett Crazy Paper Piecing
1st Clare Peters French Flowers
2nd Clare Peters Pink and Purple
Best of Show Trudy Walker Down Memory Lane
 20230617_143823 20230617_154126  


CQA Ribbon for

Best of Show

1st Place Winners in All the Categories:

20230617_145304Art Quilts,Effie Brandt

20230617_144841Wall Quilts, Tweela Houtekamer

20230617_143457Bed Quilts, Marion Jankunis

20230617_150343Hand Work, Pat Panchmatia

20230617_152332Modern Quilts, Michelle ZoBell

20230617_151033Bags & Wearables, Judy Barnett

20230617_151644Decor, Maria Craft

20230617_151832Embroidery, Wendy Benoit

20230617_143818Miniature, Trudy Walker

20230617_150923Youth, Clare Peters

2nd Place Winners in All the Categories:

20230617_145224Art Quilts, Bev MacTavish

20230617_145045Wall Quilts, Bev MacTavish

20230617_143317Bed Quilts, Dianne George

20230617_150631Hand Work, Judy Barnett

20230617_152432Modern Quilts, Amethyst Mueller

20230617_151134Bags & Wearables, Tied for 2nd Place, Bev MacTavish

20230617_151241Bags & Wearables, Tied for 2nd Place, Laraine Butt

20230617_151545Decor, Catherine Kennedy

20230617_151928Embroidery, BJ Squarek

20230617_143909Miniature, Deb Cartwright

20230617_150955Youth, Clare Peters

3rd Place Winners in All the Categories:

20230617_145410Art Quilts, Effie Brandt

20230617_144723Wall Quilts, Sharon Selwyn

20230617_143617Bed Quilts, Michele ZoBell

20230617_150449Hand Work, Darlene Patterson

20230617_152542Modern Quilts, Kathy Witdouck

20230617_151336Bags & Wearables, Violet Knox

20230617_151445Decor, Wendy Bushell

20230617_152052Embroidery, Wendy Benoit

20230617_143940Miniature, Judy Barnett


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