WELCOME New Members!

We are always welcoming new members to the Guild!   Additionally, current members may invite a friend to a meeting as a guest, make sure you introduce them at the meeting.

WHERE we meet:

We meet at the CASA which is in Downtown Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (230 – 8th Street South) in The Community Room.

WHEN we meet:

Meetings are usually at 7pm

WHAT do we do at meetings:

We do all sorts of fun program activities.  Sometimes we will have a special guest speaker, trunk shows and demos. If you want to find out about what is happening next meeting, check the previous month newsletter. The guild also organizes retreats, Sew All Day events (usually once a month on a Saturday and a Monday), classes and Community Quilt projects.

Draws: We also do two different draws at each meeting; one is free for members, you will request a free ticket from the ticket table and later on in the meeting a ticket will be drawn and the member will win the prize.  We get our prizes from the various local quilt stores in the area and it will be fabric, notions, etc.

The second draw is $1 per ticket or $2 for 3 tickets. You can buy as many tickets as you like. They go back into guild funds for buying more draw prizes. There is usually 3 prizes to win from the tickets. If you would like to see the prizes, they will be displayed where you purchase the tickets at the Guild meeting.

Community Quilts is the donation of guild member made quilts (regular and dolly sized). We have some patterns available, you can learn more about those from the Community Quilt table. The guild funds the batting and backing for the quilts. If you have a quilt top ready, come over to the Community Quilt table to get the backing and batting.

Library: The Guild has it’s own library of books that Members may borrow from meeting to meeting. We are always keeping the books new and interesting. The Library Cart comes down from the storage room to each Guild meeting. Make sure you check out the books properly to make the Librarian’s life easier.

HOW can you join?

If you are interested in joining the guild, please fill out our Membership form and bring it with you to the next Guild meeting. There is a yearly membership fee that will be taken by cash or cheque when you submit your membership form.  New Membership fee is $25.00.  You will also receive a printed copy of our handbook.

Newsletter & Minutes:

Once you are a member in good standing, minutes will be e-mailed before the next guild meeting. If you do not have access to email, you may provide the Secretary with self-addressed stamped envelopes. Minutes will be mailed prior to the next month’s meeting. If there are any changes in your address or e-mail please inform the Membership chairperson or the Secretary.


LCQG By-Laws:  LCQG Bylaws