Festival of Quilts 2017

Thanks for another wonderful Festival of Quilts. A special thanks to Clive Schaupmeyer for photographing all of the winning entries.

Art Quilt – 100 Series
1st Effie Brandt:  Free as a Bird
2nd Effie Brandt: Love’s Blue Memory
3rd Myja Bernadet: Wanderings

Wall Quilt from Pattern – 200 Series
1st Trudy Walker: Lee’s Lace Cabins
2nd Bev MacTavish: Purple Sunflower
3rd Phyllis Cameron: Abilene

Bed Quilt from Pattern – 300 Series
1st Wallis Allen: Japanese Taupe Quilt
Tie (2nd Hildy Kornelsen: Elephants of Sri Lanka
(2nd Lucille Obbagy: Bali Wedding Star
3rd Debbie Garber: Bali Wedding Ring

Wall Quilt/Traditional – 400 Series
1st Judy Barnett: You Got To Love Vintage
2nd Ken Ramus: Canada 150 Celebration
3rd Bev MacTavish: Indigo Travels

Bed Quilt/Traditional – 500 Series
1st Ruth Atwood: Canada 150 Celebration
2nd Pat Panchmatia: Anniversary Quilt
3rd Pat Greenlee: Coulee Rhythm and My Four Favorite Grasses

Hand Quilted – 600 Series
1st Trudy Walker: Garden Baskets
2nd Pat Panchmatia: Mini Appliqued Wall Hanging
3rd Donna Coppetiers: Happy Daisies

Modern – 700 Series

1st Leanne Chahley: Spin
2nd Amethyst Mueller: Modern Crazy Canuck
Tie (3rd Teresa Mereski: CUBIT
(3rd Teresa Mereski: Haunted Toes

Wearable/Other – 800 Series
1st Effie Brandt: The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet
2nd Lia Britton: Best Friends
3rd Janet Farries: Rainbow Basket

CQA Medallion – Best in Show
Trudy Walker: Garden Baskets

Congrats to all of the winners that entered their quilts.