Burrito Style Pillowcase

Burrito Style Pillow Case (to view the pictorial view of this project, go to the END of the Community Quilt Pattern 2019 file)

Fabric Cuts: Body fabric 25” x WOF    Cuff:  10” x WOF

Band {optional)  2½” x WOF pressed in half lengthwise                                                wrong sides together

Step 1. Layer fabrics: Cuff right side up,   Body right side up,   Band.  Align top edges precisely and pin.

Step 2 Roll the body fabric up as smooth as you can,  so that you can access the cuff fabric below it.

Step 3 Fold non-pinned edge of cuff over the roll,  line up with the top edge and re-place the pins.  Sew top edge with ¼” seam allowance.
Step 4 Pull the burrito inside out.

Step 5:   Press pillowcase folded in half width wise,  right sides out  Laying the edges precisely together.  Trim to remove selvages and even out the edges.

Step 6. Sew along the side and bottom,  pivoting at the corner,  with a  3/16” seam allowance.  Trim corner.    Turn inside out and press. Sew the same seam again with a 3/8” seam allowance. Turn right side out and press again.